Prints, either laminated or not, can be mounted onto a range of substrates varying in color, composition, weight and thickness. The following materials are available:

Gator board - 3/16” or 1/2”, black. This board is for indoor use and is rigid even at large sizes. The max size is 4’ x 8’. White gator is by special order only.

Jetmount - similar to foam board but higher quality. 1/4” black or white, this is a cheaper solution to the gator, and a bit softer. Indoor use only. The max size is 4’ x 8’.

Sintra - 3mm (1/8”), 6mm (1/4”), 13mm (1/2”), black or white. This is a hard PVC board good for indoor or outdoor use. While this board is physically harder than foam, it is less rigid at larger sizes. The max size is 4’ x 8’.

DiBond - 3mm (1/8”) white/white. This is a PVC board sandwiched between 2 coatings of aluminum. This product offers an extremely tough and rigid solution, perfect for outdoor, long-term use. The max size is 4’ x 8’.

Clear Acrylic - also known as plexiglass, we offer a range of thicknesses and even color.
Museum Rag Board - 4ply (1/16”) white. This is a thin, acid-free board perfect for mounting photographs or other art that may end up being put in a frame due to it’s thinness and light weight. Max size is 30” x 40”.

Political Board - .050” white. This is a more economical solution to the museum board. Similar to chip board, but coated with smooth white, it’s perfect for mounting movie posters, maps, or other personal prints for easy and light-weight hanging on walls. Max size is 28” x 44”.

Coroplast - 4mm (1/8”) white. Corrugated (like cardboard) but plastic, this substrate is a popular solution for outdoor realty signs. Weather-proof, but cheap and not meant for long-term use. Can be used with “H-stakes” - wire stakes that slip into the corugation and stick in the ground. Max size is 4’x8’.