FAQ: What are your standard sizes?

Answer: All jobs are custom, so sizes vary with each job.

FAQ: What is your maximum size?

Answer:  Maximum width = Posters (HP 8-color - 48" width); Outdoor Banners (Epson 6000 - 60" width); Gigclee (HP 12-color - 40" width). Maximum length = any length.

FAQ: What's your minimum order?

Answer: 3 square foot minimum pricing on posters and banners. Minimum of one on T-shirts.

FAQ: Whats the average turn-around time for an average job?

Answer: Three to five working days for most jobs. Large jobs require a custom quote and time frame. Some small jobs turn in 24-48 hours.

FAQ: Do you offer "environment-friendly" printing materials?

Answer: We print on biodegradable banner material when requested.